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Printing a Verification of Employment

Before You Start . . .

Employees will often request a verification of employment. Most don't realize they can print one from their own computer. This step-by-step instruction should assist any employee in printing an employment verification from anywhere they have access to the internet and a printer.

Step-by-Step . . .

How To Print an Employment Verification
a From the UCNet site, locate and click on the Sign in to Your Accounts link on the right side of the page At Your Service webiste.
b At the Sign In screen enter your userID in the Username field and password in the Password field. If you haven't set up a password use the New User link. Press the Sign In button. Sign in screen for At Your Service.
c Click the Employment Verification link in the green Income & Taxes box. Employment Verification link for At Your Service website.
d Read the information provided about Adobe's Acrobat Reader and click the here link to see the verification in a PDF document. Use the browser menu to print your verification. Employment Verification link for At Your Service website.
e Make sure to log off the site before leaving the page.

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